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Bill and Melinda Gates Didn’t Have A Prenuptial Agreement – Bartlett Law Firm Could Help

Yelda Bartlett, Co-Founder of The Bartlett Law Firm with Ben Bartlett, has tirelessly advocated for prenuptial agreements between couples in the tech industry. The unfortunate example of Bill and Melinda Gates shows, once again, why such a document is necessary.

Bill and Melinda Gates

According to New York Post’s Page Six from May 11th, 2021 and Radar Online “Bill Gates hiding out at luxe billionaires’ golf club in California.” The story goes like this, in this combination of Page Six and Radar:

Bill Gates has been hiding from the fallout from his divorce at an ultra-exclusive California golf club for a number of months, according to a source.

An insider said the 65-year-old billionaire Microsoft founder has been holed up at The Vintage Club in Indian Wells, which bills itself as “one of the United States’ most prestigious and ultra-exclusive private country club communities,” a veritable 712-acre oasis of wealth.

A source exclusively told Page Six, “Bill clearly saw this divorce coming for a long time because he’s been there for around three months.”

The Wall Street Journal just reported that Melinda Gates consulted with divorce lawyers for roughly two years before she filed for divorce, saying their marriage of 27 years was “irretrievably broken.” A source of her concern was reportedly Bill’s previous dealings with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Bill signed his divorce papers in Palm Desert, California — where The Vintage Club is based — while Melinda signed her divorce petition in Bellevue, Washington, near the Gateses’ $130 million family home and their foundation headquarters.

The source added that The Vintage Club is so private, “It is the perfect place for Bill to hide out from anyone who wants to question him about his divorce or his alleged ties to Epstein.”

Epstein met Gates when he pitched him an idea in 2011. The idea never went anywhere but the two remained close. The friendship was one of the main reasons Melinda decided to walk away.

As Radar previously reported, Melinda filed for divorce from Bill in Washington Court on May 4.

In the documents, she revealed they did not have a prenuptial agreement in place. She is not asking for spousal support but wants her share of an estimated $130 billion estate.

It appears the two have already started dividing up their assets. In the past couple of weeks, Bill’s company have started transferring assets worth over $2.5 billion to Melinda. It would appear the transfers are only the start. Melinda is set to walk away with many more billions.

A prenuptial agreement by The Bartlett Law Firm would possibly have kept Bill Gates from feeling the need to hide out in a private club. Contact The Bartlett Law Firm before you tie the knot, you won’t regret it.